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  • How to define your business model to glorify God, eliminating constraints to profitability and obstacles to loving every stakeholder.

  • Why defining the sequence and structure of key activities is the only way for your team to get consistent results.

  • How to overcome fears and anxiety that derail leadership and destroy joy.


Overworked and Couldn't Grow

Within 6 months they:

  1. Profit - Freed 18 hours a week per leader, added 6 points to EBITDA, and 10% to revenue.
  1. People - Invested in the core value of family by reducing overtime for staff and investing in a health initiative for employees.
  1. Purpose - Defined purpose to develop meaningful connections. They hired a chaplain.

Revenue per Student was Not Enough to Sustain the Organization

Within 90 days they:

  1. Profit - Stop working weekends, raised average revenue per student 10%, overall revenues by 75% buoying profits.
  2. People - Restored salaries from COVID reduction, gained joy from clarity of expectations.
  3. Purpose - Defined purpose “to advance the Kingdom of God” with concrete measures.


"We had a total turnaround in our company… Thomas Dodds helped me focus on priorities, clarify my mission and my vision, to understand an opportunity when it came across the desk, and to maximize that. And that is really what his consulting helps you do, clarify for yourself, what is it that is the gap and what you can do to fill that." Michelle, Founder and Head of School (See