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Meet Michelle Thompson

She is the founder and head of a school, educating students in Christian Montessori with 65 staff.

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Michelle had a compelling vision for reimagined education.
What she didn't know was how to balance driving a profitable model – making it affordable and accessible to more people – while advancing God's kingdom at the same time.
Let's break it down:
Who? Michelle Thompson
Problem: Revenues were down 20%, with insufficient revenue per student to sustain the school and fuel purpose.
Solution: Join my Momentum Foundations program. (My 6-week program to 10x your Purpose impact fueled by Profits and care for People. It showed her how to get a clear vision that she could measure and use to lead. Then built a Purpose P&L to measure success with a simplified sales process to increase average revenue per customer.)
Did it work? Yep. Just 90 days after joining my coaching program, Michelle and her team increased revenues by 75% for a complete turn-around. (Plus, she moved from grinding out a paycheck to joy-filled, purposeful work.)
Michelle recently shared her incredible journey with us – 

The most important things we worked on with Michelle were:

1) Clarifying criteria for her team to measure results to "deliver reimagined education" and "advance the kingdom of God,"

2) Helping her establish productivity habits,

3) Developing a simple picture for their scorecard and sales process, and raising her average revenue per customer.

As you can see from the results she shared, Michelle lacked joy in her work. Her team did not have enough revenue at the right price to drive profit. She had a beautiful, aspirational vision, but her team could not measure success.
After getting clarity and alignment, she and her team increased revenue by 75%, restored full staff pay, and acquired a company to propel them toward their beautiful and, now, clear vision - educating infants through adolescents to love, learn and lead with reimagined education.
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