Leader Behavior that Results in 75% More Success

Aug 06, 2020

Manage for Lasting Impact to all Stakeholders

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In ghSMART's CEO Genome project, a 10-year study of 17,000 C-suite executives, they noticed a trend in leaders who aspire to the CEO's office. Namely, 87% of executives that reached the CEO's office deliberately developed the four behaviors they identified as key to success while in the CEO office, were developed before they reached the office. And that these four behaviors dramatically raise the odds that they'll become a high performing chief executive, a top leader.

One of the aspects that we're looking at is managing and leading for impact to the stakeholders in the organization. They start by developing an astute understanding of their stakeholders needs and motivations, and then they get people on board by driving for performance and aligning the organizational results around the goal of value creation for each of the stakeholders. In the data, CEO's who engage all stakeholders with this results-orientation and manage for that lasting impact were 75% more successful in the of top leader than those that did not.

So, a couple of key points from this. One is that top leaders aspire to this, so the best leaders will rise to the top. It ought to be that every leader that wants to grow, ought to aspire to manage for stakeholders and increase their character and competence doing so, so that they can get better results and become a better leader.

Create clear outcomes for every stakeholder - for God, customers, shareholders, staff, and partners.


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